BWM ArtBWM Art Sp. z o.o
ul. Marynarska 14/101
02-674 Warszawa, Poland
tel. +48 (22) 843 96 41, fax: +48 (22) 843 96 41
tel. kom. +48 601 828 583
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BWM Art is an independent film and TV programme producer. The company provides services such as production, distribution and dissemination of documentaries and TV programmes about nature, environment protection and culture. BWM Art’s productions include nature documentary series Animals (440 episodes), ‘Arka Noego’ (102 episodes), and ‘Piękne, dzikie, ginąc’e (9 episodes), as well as TV arts programme, ‘Seans filmowy’ (40 episodes), ‘Jazda kulturaln’a (162 episodes), and ‘Ale jazda’ (51 episodes), which were produced for TVP2 public television. The company has also produced nature documentaries ‘Droga wilka’, ‘Piasek jest drapieżnikiem’, ‘Pod skrzydłami motyla... w Pienińskim Parku Narodowym’, ‘Tatr’y, all produced for TVP1 public television.

BWM Art has also collaborated with commercial TV stations such as RTL7, Wizja 1, and National Geographic. BWM Art’s productions had been broadcasted on French, German, Russian TV, and BBC and National Geographic channels. Several films produced by BWM Art have won prizes at festivals both abroad (Worldfest Houston) and in Poland (in Nowograd, Łódź, and Białystok).

Piasek jest drapieżnikiem

translation: KIPA

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