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Centrum Kultury w Gdyni

Centrum Kultury w Gdyni
ul. Łowicka 51, 81-504 Gdynia, Poland
tel. +48 (58) 664 73 77
fax: +48 (58) 664 73 77
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Centrum Kultury w Gdyni (Gdynia Culture Centre - CK Gdynia) is a local cultural institution founded in 2004. CK receives funding from the city of Gdynia. It organizes or co-organizes a number of cultural activities such as concerts, festivals, workshops and publications. The Centre cooperates with the Department of Culture, Recreation and Sport of the City Hall in Gdynia and many other institutions.

In 2009, CK established the Gdynia Film Fund which aims to support the production of feature films and documentaries promoting the image of the city of Gdynia in the contemporary, historical and maritime context and films that may have a beneficial impact on the economy of the local market.

The last few years are the period of a dynamic development of the film production in Gdynia. Alongside the Film Festival, other initiatives began to gradually develop, resulting in both film related to the city and new names of filmmakers. Since 2009, Gdyński Fundusz Filmowy (Gdynia Film Fund) operates within Centrum Kultury w Gdyni (Gdynia Culture Centre), having co-financed almost 30 projects.

translation: Centrum Kultury w Gdyni/KIPA 2015

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