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Domino Film

Domino FilmDomino Film
ul. Sokolska 63a/4
40-087 Katowice, Poland 
mobile: +48 600 741 800
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Domino Film was founded by Małgorzata Domin in 2007. The company produces feature films and documentaries. The company’s short productions include "Duck Season" by Julia Ruszkiewicz awarded the Golden Tadpole at the Camerimage Festival (2006) for cinematography by Pawel Dyllus and honored during the European Film Week On / Off in Warsaw at the World Student Film Festival Young Cinema Art in Warsaw and at the Poznan Off Cinema.

Domino Film - collage

Domino Film is a dynamic and fast developing film production company. Domino cooperates with PISF (Polish Institute of Film Art) and with regional funds. CEO Małgorzata Domin has been since 2008 a member of KIPA (Polish Audiovisual Producers Chamber of Commerce) and she was one of the co-founders of the Young Producer Section at KIPA. The volume and the quality of projects developed by Domino Film constitute its most distinguishable mark. 

The activities of Domino Film are related to all project stages from the early development phase till the time of completion including all the necessary preparation. The company is involved in the projects from the time of creating the idea/scenario, also in terms of creative work. Domino assumes all the responsibility regarding logistic, financial and organization aspects including the search for co-producers, budget preparation, constitution of the crew and first PR steps.

Domino Film - kadr z filmu Młyn i krzyż

Films in production:

  • „BUDAPEST DIARIES” dir. Rafał Kapeliński – feature film
  • „VALLEY OF GODS” dir. Lech Majewski – feature film
  • „BLOODLINE OF SAHARA” dir. Małgorzata Owsiany, Bartosz Paduch - documentary
  • „ANDREW WARHOLA, MY FACTORY” dir. Bogdan Dziworski - documentary
  • „ADVENTURERS’ CLUB”    dir. Tomasz Szafrański – feature film   


  • 2014    “ONIRICA – FIELD OF DOGS” feature film dir. Lech Majewski
  • 2014    “FROM GRUNWALD VILLAGE”  documentary dir. Artur Wierzbicki
  • 2013    “NO FOOLING AROUND” documentary dir. Krzysztof Tusiewicz
  • 2010    “THE MILL & THE CROSS” feature film dir. Lech Majewski
  • 2009    “REAL” short film dir. Rafał Samusik (Thou 89+)
  • 2009    “NOT BEGIN TO FLOW IN THE WIND” short film dir. Leszek Korusiewicz (Thou 89+)

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