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FilmpolisFilmpolis - Agata Szymańska
ul. Dolna 7/9, 00-773 Warszawa, Poland
tel. kom. +48 514 593 757
fax: no data
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

Filmpolis is an independent production company specializing in noncommercial feature projects, documentaries, promotional materials and music videos. The company was founded by Agata Szymańska, graduate of the Film School in Katowice. She gained experience in film production by collaborating with TVN television in production of “Odwróceni” series and feature film “Świadek koronny", as well as working as an independent production manager. Agata Szymańska also took part in production of films “Plan” directed by Sławomir Pstrong and “Moja nowa droga” directed by Barbara Białowąs.

The latter has won several awards at various film festivals, e.g. Mały Jantar at the Młodzi i Film Festival in Koszalin. Furthermore, she collaborated with Lech Majewski during the production of “Młyn i Krzyż” (“The Mill and the Cross”). Szymańska has produced "Z daleka widok jest piękny" (2010) dir. Wilhelm Sasnal.

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