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Maj Film Produkcja FilmowaMaj Film Produkcja Filmowa – Jakub Maj
ul. Spokojna 45, 81-549 Gdynia, Poland
mobile: +48 501 834 731
fax: no data
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Maj Film is a dynamically developing company operating in the audiovisual market. Our equipment base combined with knowledge and experience enable us to fully conduct any film project. Maj Film undertakes implementation of both complete work from pre-production through production and post-production as well as each of these modules separately.

At the moment, Maj Film is focused mainly on documentaries but at the same time we produce feature and animated films alongside with commercial projects, such as:
- promotional videos and ads
- training videos
- music videos
- sport clips
- reports (concerts, sport events, corporate events, etc.)

We cooperate exclusively with highly qualified professionals: directors, directors of photography, screenwriters and other specialists in their fields.

Since the beginning of 2012, Maj Film has been a member of the Polish Audiovisual Chamber of Commerce (KIPA) and its Emerging Producers Section.

Maj Film Produkcja Filmowa - kadr z planu, fot. Tomasz Rolniak

List of authors we cooperate with:

Some of our productions completed in 2010-2015:

translation: Maj Film/KIPA 2015

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