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Media CorporationMedia Corporation Sp. z o.o.
ul. Maryli 2, 02-842 Warszawa, Poland
ph. +48 (22) 33 19 423
fax. +48 (22) 33 19 437
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Media Corporation Company was created in 1992 as a Television, Film and Advertisement Production House by Józef Węgrzyn, Ph.D. He is a former head editor of magazines: “Prometej”, “Sztandar młodych”, and “ITD”, and former director of TVP2 channel and the Warszawa Regional Television. Józef Węgrzyn was also a member of the board of TVN television. In TVP he created “Teleexpress”, “Panorama Dnia”, “Bliżej Świata”, “Wiktory” plebiscite, “Telewizja nocą”, “Z batutą i humorem”, “100 greatest Poles”, “Którędy do przodu”, “100 pytań do...”, and the first Polish TV soap opera “W labiryncie”. He also made the first TV commercial (Prusakolep) and the first beer TV advertisement (Dojlidy) on Polish television. In the past, Józef Węgrzyn managed TV newsroom and a morning show. Some of the most popular productions of Media Corporation include: TV shows “Jaka to melodia?”; talk show “Europa da się lubić”; catholic programme „Wierzę, wątpię, szukam”; olympic news report „Echa Stadionów”; „Wiktory” plebiscite; programmes „Piękniejsza Polska”, „Zielona Polska”, „Bliżej Europy”, „Polska – kraj Fryderyka Chopina”, „Krajobraz Polski”, and „W 60 minut dookoła Polski”.

The company was also responsible for an advertising campaign for Polish accession to the European Union. Furthermore, it has cooperated with the Polish Olympic Committee, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Polish Episcopate, State Committee for Scientific Research, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, and the Polish Tourism Organisation.

In the last few years Media Corporation has provided full range of services and conducted advertising campaigns for over 180 clients, e.g. Telekomunikacja Polska, PKN Orlen, Coca-Cola, Danfoss, TC Dębica, Budimex, PZU, Warta, Bank Handlowy, BRE Bank, Invest Bank, Fiat, Ford, Daewoo-FSO, Dojlidy, Bakoma, Hortex, Hoop, Winiary. Its clients also include publishing houses (Twój Styl, Bauer, Helvetia) and Polish and international TV broadcasters. On average, the company signs about 200 contracts with authors every year. This diversity of services available is possible due to the fact that the company owns a film studio with editing rooms, technical crew, graphic design, as well as marketing, advertising, and publishing sections.

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