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PartusPartus - Wiesław Dąbrowski
ul. Wiertnicza 85a lok. 5, 02-952 Warszawa, Poland 
ph. +48 (22) 642 83 02, fax: +48 (22) 858 84 95
mobile: +48 695 147 134
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Partus - artistic production agency founded in 1990 by its CEO and owner Wieslaw Dabrowski, a graduate of cultural studies (filmology), producer, screenwriter, and director, for decades present in the world of music and film.

Wieslaw Dabrowski's last film, "Paderewski. The Man of Action, Success and Fame" has enjoyed global success, in 2014 it was awarded as the best historical document at DocMiami Film Festival in Roca Baton, Florida; won the Silver Sabre award for the best historical film at the International Historical and Military Film Festival in Warsaw, and the Certificate of Merit in the Television Awards category af the 50. International Film Festival in Chicago. His earlier film "Michael Urbaniak: New Yorker Out Of Choice" was awarded the Gold Remi Award at the International Film Festival in Houston (2010). As director of documentary film "Henryk Wars – A Songster of Warsaw”, he was honored by Polish public TV channel TV Polonia with its Crystal Award (2007). On 14 March 2013 Mr. Wieslaw Dabrowski was decorated with the state medal Gloria Artis awarded for merits is culture.

Partus specializes in the production of documentary films, video coverage, and periodic TV shows addressing matters of the history of Poland, and broadly meant culture. Partus allies with cultural institutions, as well those supporting culture. Partus produces and post-produces films; rents film, lighting, and sound equipment; and owns and operates an AVID editing workstation.

Partus - kadr z filmu Michał Urbaniak nowojorczyk z wyboru, fot. Konrad Szumowski

Partus filmography includes a series of 10 documentaries entitled „Jan Nowak Jeziorański – Behind the Scenes” ( 2007), "Krzysztof Majchrzak – A True Actorship” (2004), or "Henryk Wars – A Songster of Warsaw" which TVP Polonia ranked in 2007 as the best documentary of thye year. Partus also produced TV coverage of festivals (e.g. Polish Film Festival in Chicago, Polish Film Festival in Los Angeles, Polish Film Festival in New York, Paderewski Festival in Paso Robles), artistic benefits and gala shows. In 2008 Partus produced two documentaries, "Poles in Hollywood. Computer Magic on the Screen” portraying the community of Polish FX artists portraying the community of Polish FX artists

Selected major productions 2007-2015:

  • "Kazimierz - An Annihilated Idyll" (2015) directed by Wiesław Dąbrowski
  • "Polish Filmmakers in Hollywood" (2011), directed by Wiesław Dąbrowski
  • "Michael Urbaniak: New Yorker Out Of Choice" (2010), directed by Wiesław Dąbrowski
  • "Agnieszka Holland: The Direrctor" (2008), directed by Wiesław Dąbrowski
  • "Henry Vars. A Songster of Warsaw" (2007), directed by Wiesław Dąbrowski
  • "Jan Nowak Jeziorański – Behind the Scenes", 12 episodes (2007), directed by Wiesław Dąbrowski

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